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"It was a big secret which I didn't find out until I was in my 20s," Debi Mazar says.She also says that this early exposure to a myriad of religious influences later prevented her from latching onto any of the spiritual trends that periodically sweep Hollywood.“Being typecast is a great thing for an actor: you work.

But I did get tired of the way people would think of me.

My heart was deeper.”In the 1980s, Debi Mazar found herself employed as Madonna's makeup artist, making appearances in late-80s music videos for Madonna songs such as ‘Justify My Love.’ Then, with no acting experience, she landed a role in Martin Scorsese's Actress.

"And publicists are very expensive—they're $3,500 a month!

I don't want to spend that kind of money so I can get a stupid article in For Debi Mazar, now a mature mother of two, the days of playing sexy young heroines are likely in the past.

"Being typecast is a great thing for an actor," Mazar says, because then "you work. Despite her winning performance, though, Mazar insists that she actually despises her character—and showbiz publicists in general.