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Brocade HW VTEP implementation supports two configurations for interfaces backing the VTEP: This brings us to a choice we need to make: which way to go?

Both ways, according to my contacts in the know, deliver the same functionality; so there are no benefits / drawbacks to help us decide.

To install the ODBC drivers, use one of the following commands.

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Please refer to earlier posts on the meaning of this, especially the Router (Data) one.

With the above in mind, let’s check if our VCS fabric’s Virtual IP (1.100) can reach the Controllers (1.150–152).

See this: And then, that hex is of course this hex, as in the zip below: Of course that’s exactly what Uptrenda on Reddit posted.

I say importantly because normally I wouldn’t even give this document a second thought, it’s obviously scam style. OK, anyone can take screenshots of their terminal, but sha256sums of everything But for those with an open mind, moving a few chunks of the so-called “bitcoin billion” should be proof enough, says Dan Kaminsky, a well-known security researcher with a history of bitcoin analysis.

The configuration of MS SQL is beyond the scope of this book, but the following information will get your Asterisk box configured to connect to your MS SQL database once you’ve enabled the appropriate permissions on your database.