Updating my verizon cell phone

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Updating my verizon cell phone

Even the coolest services out there have some drawbacks.

Before you jump ship, here are three things worth mentioning: Republic Wireless is a hidden gem among cell phone carriers, and we’re honored to partner with and support them.

If you want to have data all the time, even when you’re not in range of Wifi, you can get 0.5 G for $7.50. Republic Wireless recently conducted a trial to see how much data customers were actually using, so that they could refund/charge for the usage appropriately. It didn’t matter whether or not you used it all – you paid for it, and that was that.

For the average customer that uses only 0.3 G of data, this is a refund of $3, making the average cell phone bill for text, talk and data just $14.50 each month.

We figure a month is long enough to know whether the phone and our service are for you. You can change it twice each month without any penalties.