Trans dating sites

would consider dating a transgender person, and 44% would not.

Transgender women are the members of the LGBT community most likely to try dating online, in part because they almost always need to search a larger geographical area than any other segment of the LGBT population to find someone willing to date a transgender woman.

This is particularly true if they believe that finding such chemistry may make people who weren’t open to the possibility more receptive to the idea, once they realize transgender people aren’t the boogeymen they imagined (Or boogey women. This is regarded differently than any other sort of genetic or sexual history issue where consent and violence is concerned.

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Disclosing you are transgender comes with a steep penalty; very few straight people are willing to date a transgender person, period.

The odds aren’t great with dating within the LGB community, but scarcity is its own problem.

She is not “cheating someone out of a family”, as a woman of her age isn’t expected to be able to bear children.

Others wait until after a few dates to find out if there is any chemistry before disclosing their history.

Transgender men seem to be less subject to prurient interest on There is often a more blanket level of acceptance of transgender people within the kink and BDSM scenes and sites such as Fet Life.