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Once the solution is in offline mode, any file renaming or moving happens without a need to communicate with the TFS server.

Once your changes have been made and your latest update to your code on the Git repository is committed to memory, you can update the TFS version of the code by using the shelveset technique.

The Git option is so popular that Microsoft in 2012 announced TFS integration with Git in order to curtail the migration yearnings of people bored with the TFS option.

The way this works is that all local changes you make are aggregated into a shelveset and placed on the server.

This way you don’t need to worry about rewriting local history or having multiple shelvesets on the server that you would have to process in chronological order.

If you download the Git-tfs source code instead of the executable, you will need to compile it using the Visual Studio SDK, which you should already have on your system.

There is an exe version as well but note that it will not run if the .

Git-tfs is a two-way solution; it helps people move from TFS to Git and vice-versa.