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Reader so these two young activists (in the above pic) busted into a secret meeting yesterday in a Chicago Southside church, criticizing a bunch of black pastors for “secretly” meeting with gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker and threaten to knockout one of the clergyman, out....the gubernatorial candidate an oppressor, claim to be taking a knee on him, post the license plates of pastors attending, called the pastors fake and frauds and again threaten a old guy (Pastor) with the claim that was going to right hook him and knock the Spirit out that Mf’er, only to turn around and have a meeting with JBP and do a photo op.

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The archers are either very tall and athletic looking or shorter than average, with strong, sturdy bodies.

The tall ones will remind you of thoroughbred horses or spirited colts. (But remember that a conflicting ascendant can slow down the gait.)When you first meet him, Sagittarius could be perched on a horse or walking his dog. Sagittarian Frank Sinatra once ordered his driver to stop his car when he saw an injured dog lying in the street.

Just listening to people down here talk (decent people that I've worked with) is rather disheartening.

If you are gay or colored or otherwise different from the average white-man down here, there is an inherent bigotry towards you that you will have to overcome2) Welcome to... Seriously, coming to this place is like stepping into a time machine. Hunting for sport is commonplace (let's kill animals so I can feel like a real man! Here's my problem with trucks: economically they make no sense and they're AWFUL for the environment. Idiots.8) The Bible Belt You see churches every 20 feet here. No where else have I seen dry counties and such overt conservatism. How about thinking for yourself for a fucking change?

Walking into a bar here and seeing confederate flags everywhere.... You guy lost the war (and it's the Civil War, not the War of Northern Aggression you dumbasses) and it's time to realize you're part of this fucking country. Someone needs to teach the south what the word 'conservation' means.5) Neglect of Public Health The South is fat. Also, please remove the mothballs from your mouth when you speak.

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    The Philippines has an interesting history under British, Spanish and American rule which has left many Western influences in the architecture, culture and language.

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    It is said that if you go there at night, you will be chased out by ghosts and your car will have trouble starting. Reports of little girl crying and sobbing...reports of sickening feelings felt...reports of a man dressed in black....reports of cars not starting...reports of dogs with red demon eyes.