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One of those “fans” was (This photo spawned some online rumors that the woman in the photo is Mohamed’s girlfriend, but that is clearly not the case.

That isn’t to say for sure that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, just that it’s not Rachel from .) Rachel’s reference to Mohamed’s left hand is important because in other photos of him he is not wearing his wedding ring.

If you’re wanting to keep up with Danielle and Mohamed, all I can say is good luck.

There are multiple Facebook pages — individual and one for both of them — that seem to be in a constant state of deleted and not deleted flux.

Perhaps it was his (and Danielle’s) reunion paycheck?

From his Meanwhile, Danielle’s sister Sara has been very willing to share her thoughts on Mohamed and Danielle’s relationship — and as you might have guessed, her thoughts are not very supportive.

There are numerous online forums and multiple Twitter accounts as well that are doing some very diligent work keeping up with everything.