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I don’t know what problems he had going on, I can only speculate but he was incredibly lonely and alone at Christmas.’Yesterday the chatroom's administrator known as Throat Punch described how he desperately tried to get UK-based members to call 999.But he said his attempts were 'futile' as cruel-hearted viewers simply watched their internet acquaintance die in front of their eyes.And the gamble has appeared to pay off for Mr Lerner financially however being the director of a company which has been at the centre of controversy cannot be easy.

He was found dead after police broke down the door of his flat in Sutton, south London, at 3.36am shortly after chatroom administrators raised the alarm.

But users of the room have told Mail Online in the days leading up to his death, he was taunted by other members.

'Pal Talk is routinely used by internationally recognized and designated terrorist groups for communication and recruitment,' said Evan Kohlmann, a consultant for Flashpoint told CNN in 2012.

Terrorist group leaders have been known to hold open question and answer sessions on Paltalk which are advertised in advance on Al-Qaida web forums, he said.

'I called my local police station but I'm based 100 miles out of London so they had to hang up the phone to call the Met Police.