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During her visits, Brenda started doing odd jobs and buying things for Sarah and Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley). In November 2003, when Sarah and Todd were having problems paying their bills, Brenda invited them to live with her but wouldn't allow them to share a room as they're not a married couple.

Sarah and Todd decided to stay in their flat to avoid being separated.

Brenda returned later to return Bethany's favourite baby doll and lambasted Todd for being a father figure while Neil disapprovingly looked down at the sight of his little girl with another man, like her father.

This angered Sarah and Brenda told her that she shouldn't "go dumping her kid" so she can just have a boyfriend, making her and Todd angrily throw Brenda out.

Brenda's good friend, Norma, told Sarah about Brenda's tragic past and how her husband left her for a "younger model." Brenda felt that Bethany and Sarah coming to Neil's funeral was like a sign of God so she won't be alone.