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When the police read the messages to us it was hard to take in at first. If someone had said to me that my daughter was harbouring a secret like that I’d have told them not to be ridiculous, there’s nothing we don’t or can’t talk about.

A mixture of shock, disgust, bewilderment, despair and sadness all combined. But she didn’t feel like she could tell me as she’d broken one of my Facebook rules and it had led to something horrific, and she felt responsible.

Did I assume he would have been dressed up as The Big Bad Wolf with the words ‘'sex offender'’ tattooed onto his face? It’s not her fault, she’s not the paedophile, but I had to leave. I don’t cry all the time about it anymore; but it’s often in the back of my mind.

I felt very ashamed at my lack of awareness, I felt like a fool. I can’t really say whether my daughter is still affected by it, I hope not; young people are far more resilient than adults I’ve found.

I didn’t want my daughter to have Facebook: the legal age is 13 and she was still only 11.

Her older sister had it and all the kids at school were talking about it; she said she felt left out.

Tired of the endless rows, Hannah H finally gave in to the demands from her 11-year-old daughter to have a Facebook account.