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I wished that after the show they still remain good friend or maybe in the future they might be couples? They are so genuine with how they approach each other that its amazing they are not an actual couple. Some WGM couple go through high in the first episodes and start to dry up.

This couple, for some reason progressed slow but is constantly going up with their committed marriage / dating. I really like this couple because we can see through their eyes when they look at each other, their body language, their smile whenever they around each other etc that they are genuine.

I think that is the most important thing in a marriage.

They have showed us a happy marriage style with loving and funny attitude. Totally loved the height difference by the way the 2.

With her brown, wavy hair framing her perfectly dolled up face, she strikes a pose, ready for another performance. Even his own family thought that he died in that crash so they did not searched for him anymore.