Mystery dating tips

A woman is probably not going to kiss you if she hasn’t shown you even one IOI (Indicator of Interest). There’s easy ways to insert kino into your interaction with a woman before you kiss.A woman is definitely not going to kiss you if you don’t approach her. A woman is more likely going to kiss you if you approach her. But if you do lead she’ll more than likely follow and respect you for it, because all women are looking for REAL MEN. ALWAYS USE KINO ESCALATION There’s a natural order to turning a woman on. Here’s a short but not complete list of examples: -When she makes a sarcastic joke or remark nudge her in the arm with your fist or shoulder lightly and smile.

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Then expose your neck and say, “Bite me right here” as if you expect her to. If she doesn’t, just turn away calmly (punish), wait a few seconds, and then turn back and repeat, “Bite me right here.” Usually she will. If so, correct her and say, “That’s not how you bite.

Come here.” Then give her a good bite on the neck and instruct her to “try again.” Now look her in the eye, smile mischievously/approvingly, and say, very slowly, “Not bad.” Then glance down at her mouth, back up at her eyes, and kiss!

A woman is more likely going to kiss you if she shows you IOIs. So you know your duty and now all you need to do is perform it. They don’t prefer for you to dive straight at their lips for the first kiss. -Insert kino into routines like The Ring Finger Routine or Palm Reading and touch a woman’s hand lightly with your fingers as you run routines like these.

A woman is very likely going to kiss you if she goes into isolation with you. You’ve approached a woman, you’ve been getting IOIs from her, and she moved into isolation with you. -Play fun games like thumb wrestling, showing each other secret hand shakes, or high-fiving each other. For example lead her through crowds at bars and clubs by putting out your hand for her hand and guiding her. USE A KISS CLOSE to SEAL THE DEAL Yes, I’ve heard it before, “I don’t want to use a kiss close they feel fake.” Well, that’s fine as long as you’re consistently having no trouble kissing women.

Someone mentioned emotional honesty and the room erupted in laughter, albeit nervous laughter.