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Contents Next The earliest reference we have to the authorship of Mark's Gospel comes the Church historian Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea (c. Papias also records that Mark wrote down accurately Peter's account of the sayings and doings of Jesus, though 'not in order'.

130 AD), who recorded a tradition which he claimed was handed down by an elder, that Mark was a companion of Peter.

It was not, however, in exact order that he related the sayings or deeds of Christ. But afterwards, as I said, he accompanied Peter, who accommodated his instructions to the necessities [of his hearers], but with no intention of giving a regular narrative of the Lord's sayings.

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Wallace writes: “In sum, Mark should be dated before the production of Luke’s gospel which we date no later than 62 CE. Robinson, put the Gospel of Mark also at 45 AD, and makes the case for all of the NT being written before 70 AD, in his famous book, Redating the New Testament. But my Manchester predecessor, considering that a suitable occasion for its publication might have been the reconstitution of the church in Rome about A. 55, after its dispersion when Claudius banished the Roman Jews about A. 49.” (“On Dating the New Testament”, Eternity 23 (June 1972): 32-33.

Sometime in the mid-50s is most probable.” Addendum: Other scholars for early dating of Mark: John Wenham, in his book, Redating Matthew, Mark and Luke, puts the Gospel of Mark at 45 AD.

It is difficult to account for this quite irrelevant detail in the middle of a highly dramatic story, unless it is a personal reminiscence - a way of saying 'I was there.' The Acts of the Apostles tells us later that Mark accompanied Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary journey.

Paul refused to take him on the second journey because he had deserted them in Pamphylia (Acts ).

It is possible therefore to date Mark's Gospel with some accuracy to c.66-68 AD.