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Federal Mandates At present, no federal law exists requiring employers to offer paid sick time. Local Mandates Paid sick leave laws have been enacted in five states (California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon and Vermont), Washington D. While most full-time employees have access to paid leave, BLS reported 30% of part-time employees were offered paid sick leave.

Executive Order 13706 required federal contractors with the U. C., one county (Montgomery County, Maryland) and 27 cities according to tracking sources such as National Partnership for Women & Families (“Current Paid Sick Days Laws”) and A Better Balance (“Overview of Paid Sick Time Laws in the United States”). Paid Sick Leave Policies If your organization has locations in places with local mandates, you’ll need to check if the law applies to your company and which employees are covered.

The latest survey, conducted in December 2011 and recently tabulated, shows an RN vacancy rate of 3.9%, up from 3.0% in 2010.

“This is the second consecutive year of increase, and the rate is now just below the median rate of 4.1% for the 24 years of data that MHA has collected,” said David Smith, Senior Director of Health Data Analysis and Policy for MHA.

S., whether to offer this benefit is currently up to the employer.