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Japan is the one of the most expensive countries on earth.

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The information here is current as of January 2012 but be aware that prices, regulations, exchange rates, etc. Also be warned that while most procedures presented here are immutable, in some situations things may be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The information has been divided into the following sections: The flight to Japan is VERY long and tiring — bring some aspirin and eye drops with you — you’ll need them.

23kg or 50 lbs each, but your airline my vary) and one hand carry with a max limit of 115 cm (45 inches) (55x35x25cm) and 10 kg (I’ve never seen any hand carry actually getting weighed though).

Excess baggage is charged at a piece-rate system, for example $25-60 extra if between 50-70lbs), or $110-150 per extra suitcase if not overweight or oversize. Bringing very heavy or bulky bags may require your airline’s approval first – be sure to see your airline’s website.

If taking multiple airlines, each may assess its own excess bag charges.