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I feel like they are some of the best songs she’s written. "The stuff I’m working on is some of her most honest and heart-breaking music ever.

She writes so honestly you can feel it.” Lily's reps had "no comment" when contacted by OK!

Lily is preparing to release her fourth studio album this June and so far it's been reported that her songs will reflect the struggles of her family life.

The Sun claims to have heard one particular track which details hers and husband Sam Cooper's marital breakdown. Baby, don’t leave me, I’m just doing what I can to get by,” Allen is said to sing.

For large swaths of last year, a song was stuck on my internal i Pod. (Come to think of it, does that even exist any more?

By that, I mean the i Pod in your brain, over which you have even less control than the temperamental creations by Apple; the i Pod without a stop button, which plays the same song over and over to you, usually at the most inappropriate moments – a business meeting, for example, or during a family dinner – becoming louder and louder the more that you want to turn the volume down. It was called Not Fair and it had quite a fun little tune, though it wasn't the tune that bothered me. The chorus, for example, went like this: But you never make me scream You never make me scream" And then there was a verse then went like this: "Oh I lie here in the BLEEP BLEEP [I've been banned from reprinting this particular part of the song by my editor] In the middle of the bed I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by I've spent ages giving –" And I think, for the purposes of keeping your breakfast down, we shall leave it there. ) This week, David Cameron announced that he had banned his daughter from listening to Lily Allen because the star was "slightly unsuitable"; that an i Pod in the Cameron household had even been broken, in a tussle over the matter.

He's a beefy rap artist, whose song Right Round includes the lyrics "From the top of the pole I watch her go down/ She got me throwin' my money around/ Ain't nothin more beautiful to be found/ It's goin down down." On a long car journey back from a wedding last year, a friend and I listened in horror as her two children rapped along to the song as it played on the radio.