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Yes there is a "Bluegrass Real Estate Investors Group" on Facebook that meets at a local place in Lexington once a month. @Austin Crouch You have come to the right place to connect with the wide array of real estate professionals and investors.

There is no meeting currently scheduled for January but will likely have that planned out come early January. Unfortunatly I'll be working that day :(If I can not get off that day then I'd love to build a network of home flippers in Lexington to offer wholesale deals to when I do get my first. Make sure to view the Bigger Pockets book store: https:// @Austin Crouch oh no! I don't know the exact rules on bandit signs with the city but I do see several around.

Get your direct mail list extremely detailed and targeted, find a niche, and be prepared to try to solve some difficult real estate problems.

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Keep in mind that wholesaling can be tough and it may take a good amount of money before you ever wholesale your first deal. Its small enough and there are plenty of educated investors all looking for deal.

However BP should have the resources you need to put you on the right path to success. I believe we own a rental or a flip in progress in every neighborhood in the city which you would be looking and I bet I get no less than 10-15 direct mail flyers a week.

So, we currently own two homes and neither are rented.

My goal is to buy and hold 20 rental units over the next 10 years. Wife and I both have credit scores over 800 and are accountants by trade.

Go for it, its the only way to really learn...a price point your comfortable with and have a backup plan for the property. I'm going to contact the realtors today and talk to them about it. My mother is also a certified interior decorator so she is going to help me as far as colors and interior goes. If you define your buying criteria, are confident in your numbers, and have exit strategies in place is it really that risky?

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