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Com (n.d.) also explained that hackers also can use the Java Script injection to change any value with an html form.

All the hackers need is to view the source code, verify the form number and set any input tag.

There is a case where hackers created an infected page on a legitimate website, that when it is visited by users it will run a Java Script code that initiate a download of malicious code from another server that hold the malicious code.

In trying to achieve such technique, another problem can be raised since the Java Script is not confined code to a certain area of the XHTML document, it can be exist anywhere in the XHTML document.

Other important point about Java Script is that it is self-modify at run-time i.e.

Java Script Hacking and Injection With the above has been said, there’s no Java Script proxy that can parse the script code and reject malicious script and solve the problem with malicious code.

Malicious code hidden within the Java Script can be only detected by certain pattern or signature.

Researchers warned about the future of implementing technology such as asynchronous Java Script that allow interactivity to websites.