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The music video was filmed in June 2006; Timberlake decided to work with director Michael Haussman based on the latter's work on Madonna's 1994 music video "Take a Bow".

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Vivimos en una zona residencial llena de camiones de gran volumen y multitud de furgonetas.

Con los ruidos y problemas de circulacion que ocasionan, ocupan mucho mas que el ancho de aparcamiento y mo...

Timberlake described "Sexy Back" as "an experiment gone right from the sort of synthesizer influence to the distorted vocals", adding that it was "one of the songs that the more you listen to it its just hook after hook after hook.

Its just one of those 'flow off the top of your head' tracks, in terms of melody.

We wanted to keep it loose and not too rehearsed, it's one of those very experimental records though." Timberlake revealed that he went "left", regarding going more rock, not in how he developed the song, but in the way he sang the song.

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