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If you survived that piece, you can sleep well in knowing that you’ve just officiated your awesome.

All people who identify as unattracted to a marginalised group, such as transsexual people, fat people, disabled people or minority-ethnic* people, have a continuing duty to challenge this part of their sexual identity.

I don’t feel quite as sure of this as I did when I first wrote it; I think this article contains some confusions around whether expressing attraction is an act of domination (or attempted domination) or a recognition of humanity, and I think those are bound up in problems of misogyny and white supremacy.

But there’s a core of the argument that I’m confident in, which is that, where attractions just seem to happen to correspond to social structures which we know are bullshit, that means there’s probably some bullshittery in those attractions too, which leads to harmful consequences, which there is an obligation to challenge and which can be challenged, though not all of them – some non-attractions/boycotts are self-protective and/or progressively political.

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