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    The Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) requires agencies to obtain full and open competition in their procurements through the use of competitive procedures. See Evaluating & Predicting Patient Safety for Medical Devices with Integral Information Technology, supra, at 324. The authors of the article specifically address the impact of device features and user interfaces (such as auditory cues and warnings, display messages, key information, physical controls, specific wording and labels, and sequence of tasks) on the incidence of human errors. See Tax Slayer LLC, B‑411101, May 8, 2015, 2015, CPD 156 at 8; Vinculum Solutions, Inc.--Recon., B‑408337.3, Dec. Notwithstanding the protesters objections, we find no basis to disregard the VAs reliance on this article, which affirms the agencys rationale for using identical equipment for the same clinical use and is entirely consistent with the agencys contemporaneous concerns in that regard. For example, with regard to operational differences between competitors models, the respondents variously answered: very different; all models would operate differently; no competing brand offers the same setting configuration or handpiece options; models are fundamentally different in both operation and patient outcomes; all brands operate differently; there is a significant difference in settings. When using noncompetitive procedures pursuant to 10 U. Indeed, the record supports the agencys use of many of the performance-based contracting concepts underlying FTI, including the benefits and efficiencies identified by the agency. 2304(f)(1); FAR 6.302-1; Signals & Sys., Inc., B-288107, Sept. Our review of the agencys decision to conduct a procurement under the exceptions to full and open competition focuses on the adequacy of the rationale and conclusions set forth in the J&A. Here, we conclude that CSS has not shown that the agencys brand name justification was unreasonable. Underlying this policy is the simple fact that under wartime conditions, the government must procure items quickly and urgently to meet compelling military needs. 2304(f)(1)(A), (B); FAR 6.302-1(d)(1), 6.302-2(c), 6.303, 6.304. SBGs CEO expressly acknowledged that SBG did not submit a SAR for the complete windshield kit due to SBGs uncertainty as to the elements comprising that kit. In this regard, the Secretary of Defense is authorized to conduct a procurement in which, among other things, procedures other than competitive procedures are used to award a contract to a particular source or sources from Iraq or Afghanistan. In this regard, as noted, under the act a source is from Iraq if it is located in Iraq (and offers products or services from Iraq). If this was the intent underlying the act, it easily could have been expressed by use of this term or other similar language.

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    Threat Group-4127 used spear phishing tactics to target email accounts linked to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.