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Possibly my all-time favorite fanfiction story is The Glass Sandal » by Darma Druid (Lord of the Rings); a lovely Cinderella retelling!

My favorite "mini-'verses" are the stories from shirebound in the Quarantined series (Lord of the Rings) which focuses on a gentle friendship between the hobbits and Aragorn pre-Lot R, and the Hiraku Kazama series; From the Ashes » and Rises the Flame » (Naruto) by peppymint, in which a betrayed Naruto becomes an audacious missing-nin.

A few other of my favourites are Whispers in Corners by esama (Harry Potter/Sherlock Crossover), The Hidden Life of Morino Ibiki » by Illegitimi (Naruto) and I See The Moon by hcti B-notso B (Harry Potter/Avengers Crossover).

I also enjoy reading Time Travel stories, especially in the Naruto fandom.

by removing the background of an image I want to use with a tiny eraser and then copying it onto something else.

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    The recording executive berates Dewey as talentless.

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    Tamara and Angelique appeared on I Love Money 2, where Tamara was the first to be eliminated, and Angelique came in sixth place.

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    Feedback to my 1st Author: "Good writing that is very engaging, and your editor / proofreader seems to have done an excellent job." I finished my 1st e Book and am now uploading it. and I believe a lot of low scores I see are due to poor or no editing breaking the flow of your stories. I am retired and have assisted Dual_Writer with a list of characters for his Florida Friends and some of his earlier work. Prefers: As I come to the end of my year of 69, and reach my seventieth birthday today, April 14th, 2009, I have decided to cut back on my editing.

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    When I tried to update "All Accounts” it didn’t update anything, and it showed the last time stamps. It's just that there are a limited number of updates made available on a first come, first served basis.