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You know what you want, so why not create a comprehensive list of everything that is important to you, down to the color of his eyes? It seemed like a great idea at the time, especially because I was reading The Secret, which assured me I could make things happen for myself as long as I had a clear picture of exactly what I wanted. So after each date, I’d add a few more items to my wish list, hoping it would magically create the perfect guy for me.Over time, the list grew to four pages, front and back. I wanted each man I met to check off boxes on my list.

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However, the original secretary problem assumes that you have an all-or-nothing attitude.

Lindley proved mathematically that his 37 percent method algorithm is the best approach, but that is only if you’ll be completely happy with the best person and completely unhappy with anyone else.

In 2006, psychologist Neil Bearden calculated the best strategy for selecting the highest ranking candidate compared to the theoretically best candidate possible, and it was he who discovered the √of the number of cars I had time to check out before I definitely needed to buy one.

I think the biggest advantage is that it makes people wait and not impulse-accept their first option.

If you dismiss someone without a job offer, they’ll be snapped up by a rival company: You cannot go back to them later and offer them the job. Logic suggests that you shouldn’t offer the job to the first person you interview, because you have no idea what the general caliber of the candidates is.