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In response, Barney told Matthew Panning that he would one day sleep with 200 girls, a promise he eventually fulfills, much to adult Matthew's disgust.

As Barney grew up in the city, he never learned how to drive and was terrified to do so.

It was revealed in The Leap, that Barney had confessed to Lily at some point that, in his early life, he'd wanted to become a violinist.

In 1998, Barney had graduated college and was working with his girlfriend, Shannon, in a coffee shop. He had planned to join the Peace Corps and go to Nicaragua with Shannon.

He first meets Ted Mosby in Mac Laren's Pub in 2001 then initiates himself as part of the gang, fancying himself as Ted's best friend, despite Ted's protests.

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    He starts sending her money so she can obtain her visa, as well as giving her some other money for miscellaneous expenses. She’s heading to the United States, but has to travel for a layover in Istanbul first. She wants to leave the country and come live with him in the US.

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    Any relationship where the only thing they have in common is what they have for breakfast everyday will definitely end and probably badly.

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