Dating on demand chattanooga

If the FCC ruling isn't shot down by an appellate court, according to reports, Chattanooga will have the right to offer its fiber Internet to new municipalities.

But if Chattanooga-style Internet sweeps across the country, implies David Dayen of But a city smart enough to build America's best Internet infrastructure is smart enough to know that can't be the end of its urban planning.

Over 50,000 people showed up to work there each day, but a dearth of adequate housing prevented many of them from moving there.

Over the course of several months, more than 70 local stakeholders came together to identify 22 downtown buildings that needed to be remodeled (some razed) to make room for new housing.

Chattanooga essentially won a second shot at life with its revolutionary Internet service. Chattanooga's future will hinge on a broad range of infrastructure investment rather than simply its Internet—and that's a sustainable future.