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This was from Monday - on Wednesday, she came home.

One of our guys spoke to her and now she's in a good place.'Mr Gopstein says the group sends out activists to talk to the girls who have relationship with Arab men.

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Dating jewish american girls

And if you marry a non-Jew, it just means 'I don't give a rat's ass about what God says -I want to be like everyone else who don't have a God.'Founded in 2009, Lehava means 'the flame', and is also an acronym in Hebrew for 'Preventing Assimilation in the Holy Land'.

For the activists, a relationship between a Jew and a non-Jew is a Biblical sin - and something to be fought against.

Orly Erez-Likhovski, a lawyer from Israel religious Action Centre (IRAC), says the organisation has been monitoring Lehava from its inception and has filed numerous complaints, letters and petitions to the country's attorney general.

In response to a 2014 petition, the state told IRAC that a secret investigation approved by the attorney general against Lehava has been ongoing since 2012 - but that no decision whether or not to press charges has been reached.

On the night that the 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir was kidnapped, beaten and burned alive in a Jerusalem forest as the Israel-Gaza war raged in the summer of 2014, Lehava and other activists were out on the streets of Jerusalem, spouting racist and violent propaganda, Giora, an activist from 'Talking in the Square' says.