Dating gibson eb2

dating gibson eb2-10

Hi guys, I have a late '50s or early '60s Egmond Princess.

Except for the pickup all the electronics need to be replaced and as it has kind of the same lay-out as a Rivoli or an EB-2 and I love their sound I thought "Why not make it into one? As Jules pointed out the EB-2 has a tone choke which is very hard to find, so here's the question: How do the electronics in a Rivoli and an EB-2 differ and which would be suitable for my Princess?

(And easy to get and build in of course ) Other suggestions are always welcome too of course : P The Princess can be found here: - '82 Gibson Victory Standard - '72 & '78 Fender Music Master Basses - '50s / '60s Egmond Princess 2 - Fender BG-32 - ...

Proud endorser of Crime Industries: These are the same. The EB2 and Rivoli tone come, to a large extent, from the neck pickup which has a lot more windings (and therefore the 30k resistance) than almost any other bass pickup.

A very unusual feature for the times is the exceptionally flamed maple top! Two controls, one humbucker pickup with metal cover, 'baritone switch' to cut-off some frequencies.