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I’ve been there and done that, and have zero tolerance for any of that stuff. Well not with me.” I take a deep breath, and say one final statement.

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The Palaeolithic of southern Central Europe has a long history of archaeological research.

Particularly, the presence of numerous osseous projectile points in many early Upper Palaeolithic (EUP) assemblages in this region has attracted the attention of the international research community.

If sex is the only thing I desire, then that’s what I will express to you.

I’m not hiding anything back.” “And if you don’t like the fact that I am being direct, guess what? If all four of you rejected me, I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

Last week, I was conversing with a female friend of mine at the bus stop. I begin reading, when suddenly I get a tap on the back. One of the girls points at my book and says “What are you reading there? ” After she’s done talking, I grab the book out of her hands and say “Yeah that was one of his inspirations. I’m going to read now.” I open up a page, and begin reading. I sighed, and realized that no matter what I did, they wouldn’t stop annoying me unless I confronted them. “Yeah, you come off as a disrespectful asshole.” I stretch out my arms and look left and right.