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It isn’t as if Sue hasn’t done her personal due diligence in the form of reflection. She isn’t overly concerned about whether a man has studied Auden or Yeats or if he can recite something from Mary Oliver.

John listened impatiently while Sue related her past travels to Mexico and Hawaii, then spiked the ball by going on about his sojourns to Nepal and Greece and Indonesia.

Bali was “to die for,” he insisted, and in that moment she wished he would.

Her work has most recently been published in NAILED Magazine, Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life (Forest Avenue Press), the Riveter Magazine,, and Bleed, a literary blog from Jaded Ibis Press.

I’m Eve, variously labelled as a cougar, MILF, ingénue, randy romantic, and non-traditional poly/RA chick who likes to bend boundaries and question the status quo.

Then one morning when they were getting dressed, he sat down beside her, looked into her eyes, and said this: “You and I have something really special together. But there were others—Ill-Mannered Al, Fetish Frank, Critical Ken, Asshole Art—all gleaned from promising profiles on an Internet dating site Sue started visiting after her divorce from Cheating Chet became final. She’s just on the shy side of 60, a professional woman who’s managed to hold her own in the male-dominated world of business.