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This will then allow you to set-up the Z origin axis, which you do by moving the X and Y axis so that it is set directly overhead of the Brass Object.

As part of the learning process I purposely changed the drill bit as you can see from the image below. To make the book mark, I first drew the design of 2D design on the laptop connected to the CAM machine and followed the instructions in the tutorial.

But really, this algorithm works just as well when you’re planning a smaller trip within your state as when you’re planning a larger trip spanning the entire world. This blog is my labor of love, and I've spent hundreds of hours working on the projects that you'll read about here.

I’ll leave the interpretation of that fact to the reader.

Here’s the Google Maps of the route: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Here’s the full list of cities in order: If you’d like to customize your own road trip, I’ve released the Python code I used in this project with an open source license and instructions for how to optimize your custom road trip. I’ve made another version for Europe here and for South America here.

I was keen to further my knowledge of other CAM machines and with some help and guidance from Dean on the 16th March was able to produce a modest Bookmark made from HIPS. It is a 2D and 3D cutter and can be used on woods, plastics, High Density Foam and blocks of Wax. 2D Design is the software used for modelling 2D designs.

It is set-up in the software very similar to the Laser Cutter but instead of setting the Print Output, you set-up the CNC Output (File – CNC Output – Select MDX40 – Click ‘use operation to set zero’ – click ‘operation panel’).

Thankfully, the Google Maps API makes this information freely available, so all it took was a short Python script to calculate the distance and time driven for all 2,450 routes between the 50 landmarks.